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What is Your Pet

 Really Thinking?

Ever wonder about:



· Their hidden thoughts, dreams, goals?

· If they are STRESSED OUT?

· Their favorite things?

· If they like their name?

· What they think of you?

· If they know what's really going on?

· Why they behave the way they do

· How they are feeling?

· Their past lives and more?





General Pet Psychic

Phone Reading

25-minutes: $200.00

Contacting The Spirit World: Phone Reading

25-minutes: $200.00

25-minutes: $200.00


25-minutes: $200.00

Private & Personal Online Chat Psychic Reading

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION - PET PSYCHIC READING DISCLAIMERThe art and science of animal communication - pet psychic reading and the information received during sessions does not replace medical diagnosis treatment or training for your companion. Dr. Fahey is not a medical practitioner, nor a vet, and he does not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe medical conditions. Contact only your professional animal’s medical specialist for all health concerns and a qualified professional trainer for pet training behavior issues.  See Terms & Conditions

extensive reply

One-page (25-100 words)

One (1) Question: $45.00

Two (2) Questions: $45.00

short reply

One-page (01-50 words)

Two (2) Questions: $85.00

extensive reply

One-page (50-200 words)

Three (3) Questions: $65.00

short reply

One-page (01-100 words)

extensive reply

One-page (50-350 words)

Three (3) Questions:




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One (1) Question: $29.00

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Private Consultations


As an animal communicator – Pet Psychic, Dr. Fahey intuitively forms a bridge between you and your pet. Information from your pet is retrieved, and Dr. Fahey acts as a translator, guiding you through a psychic journey to discover what your pet is thinking, feeling and wanting to communicate to you.


Benefits of animal communication - A pet psychic reading may include . . .

· Discovering possible explanations for behavioral problems

· Learning what your animal friend has to tell you

· Deepening and improving your relationship with your companion

· Understanding your companion's needs and feelings


Pre-Session Information


Animal Communication – Pet Psychic Reading is connecting and developing relationships with animals through a special heightened sense of intuition. Dr. Fahey intuitively unites with your animal companion (alive or deceased), opening lines of communication between you and your animal friend.


Although you can see Dr. Fahey LIVE and in performance on tour and by setting a HouseCall or In-Office session should you live in the southwest Fort Myers, Florida area, Dr. Fahey does not need to meet your animal, nor need to see a picture, however you may email or bring them if this makes you feel more comfortable.



What Dr. Fahey needs from you:

· Your animal’s name, age, sex, species, breed and coloring

· Your choice of a communication style:

By telephone - this is similar to having a conversation through an interpreter, direct and interactive
By email - email your information to Dr. Fahey and he will write what he receives from your animal companion, providing you a written response
HouseCall or In-Office – Dr. Fahey will come to your home or barn, or you may make appropriate reservations to complete an In-Office session.


Example sample questions you can ask:

How are you feeling? (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually)
Why do you . . . ?
What do you need from me?
How can I help you . . .?
How do you feel about other family members?


Appointment guidelines:


Once Dr. Fahey receives the biographical information, your choice of communication style and session payment in full prior to the start of each set appointment, he will call you to schedule and confirm your appointment.


Payment can be made via PayPal


Unless otherwise mentioned, the communication is between the person scheduling the appointment, the animal companion and Dr. Fahey. A minimum of twenty-four hour notification is needed should it be necessary to reschedule your appointment.







Psychic Spirit Medium and Clairvoyant Rev. Dr. Robert Fahey offers general psychic readings for people and pets of all species. He explores every aspect of your pet’s life path, including the year ahead, or about your pet’s most pressing issues. The Rev. Dr. Fahey also offers insight into the world of Spirit and connects with loved ones on the other side. Dr. Fahey’s unique ability to touch those crossed over and convey information and messages is profound. He gives dates, names, events, and allows time for questions. Order your online psychic reading thru PayPal (All major credit cards  accepted). NOTE: Dr. Fahey will contact you for your email psychic reading once payment is confirmed.

Good morning Dr. Fahey,


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my reading yesterday and wanted to let you know that you were right about the tape recorder. My tape was all screwed up! It only recorded less than 3-minutes of the whole session and throughout the tape you would hear a strange PING like sound and it would jump over whatever you were saying. I thoroughly tested the recorder and it worked absolutely fine. It works fine right now! I guess that it's clear, considering the powerful energy that was in that room. Truly amazing and awe inspiring occasion and I just loved it, and I want to thank you! Hope to see you again soon and we'll be sure to be sending you some new inquisitive clients!


Take care,



Hi Brooke,


Message received. You may find what I am about to say a little unbelievable, but your spirit told me not only during the reading, but also made a visit to me this morning saying again, "he" was playing with the recording device. I knew I was going to hear from you about this. However, this is just another positive validation of your reading and spirit presence.


Great Wiseman have told us throughout the centuries to forget about the pass, and to live more in the - - present. Thus, keeping only the experience of your reading in your mind is best.


Dr. Fahey



I Can “See” You


Distance private phone, email or Skype psychic readings have proven to be accurate and useful. How is this possible? You see, psychic energy is not limited by space or time (e.g., your logic and eyes can tell you when two people are in different rooms, or cities and not touching). On a physical level, this can be the truth, however the psychic mind knows on a deeper level, all people, in fact, all things are making contact and are always connected. The same is true with psychic wisdom through psychic reflection. The psychic mind knows there is no wall or distance between you and any knowledge important to you. Another way of understanding this is by looking into a pool of water at night. Even though the pool may be only ten feet in diameter, it manages to “reflect” accurately the entire night sky, the moon and stars. Now imagine you and every person has a pool of psychic energy within and that transcends time and location. When one learns to calm the mind, body and spirit, they can “See” reflections of anything no matter how far away they may be from another person, place, or thing, simply by looking within. Therefore, know that as long as your name is given, your voice is heard, choice of words in a letter, or photograph is presented to focus on, then I Can “See” You. You will be as close as if you were sitting directly across from me. My goal is to provide honest psychic phone, email and online Chat readings only that will help guide you and provide you with positive healing energy and strength for greater insight and that will empowerment you to look ahead to the future with positive thoughts. With great respect for each person’s unique journey, it is my genuine focus to give the BEST psychic phone, emails and online Chat readings that you can receive and that can be put to use to better your life.


Psychic Reflection Theory

Consulting with deceased animals:


Dr. Fahey is most interested in working with people who feel stuck and are ready to move ahead in their lives, with animal communication learners, and with dogs, cats, and all other living species. Dr. Fahey also works with animals who have passed on, helping you cope with grief and loss, and to find completion and peace with their passing.

Dr. Fahey only charges for his time, and works with as many animals as you need help with during the time allowed for your session.

Most sessions are conducted long distance (phone, Skype, Private Chat, or email) and will be conducted over the telephone (Dr. Fahey’s preferred method of working), or ‘solo’ (where Dr. Fahey does the psychic-healing work and sends you the results through email messages)

Your first session is generally 25-minutes, but could last up to 1-hour or longer. Depending on how many animals you want Dr. Fahey to work with and the seriousness of the issues you would like his assistance in resolving, you may want to take advantage of requesting information about his Gold or Silver Plans to save money.

If your session ever goes over time, the additional time will be prorated and charged at his regular hourly rate: ($200/per person-per 25-minutes)

© 2014 Robert Allen Fahey All Rights Reserved

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· Did you know your animal is communicating with you RIGHT NOW about their health, happiness, fears, desires? Would you like to know what they are saying? Learn their secrets? Understand their pain? Embrace their wisdom?

· Are you frustrated and upset with your animals behavior or health issues? Have you tried everything but still have an unhappy, poorly behaved or sick animal?

· Would you like to experience the joy and exuberance of creating a magical heart bond with your animals?

· Are you concerned or worried not knowing if your animal is happy or not feeling so good? You think everything is okay, but . . . is it?

· Make sure that your animal’s life is happy and pain-free through animal communication.

· Without communicating directly with your animal, you cannot know why they behave they way they do or how to best resolve problems.

· As an animal communicator - pet psychic and spiritual healer, Dr. Fahey can help you create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life.