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About Dr. Robert Allen Fahey     





About Dr. Fahey

St. Mary’s Parish

Hull, Massachusetts

Teaching children how to think positive


Residence Inn—Marriott

“signs” private psychic gallery

Lic # 0803338

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   Robert Allen Fahey, Ph.D., was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was raised a Catholic. Early in life, he could see and hear spirits, predict future events, had dreams of prophecy, and given warnings to be careful of his talent and experiences, as they had more to do with the unexplained. Helping him to accept and grow up psychic, his mother nurtured his ability by playing 20-questions on a game Ouija board. To deter labels of being different, he learned to keep his ability a secret by listening to his spirit guides who lead him to study hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Practicing hypnosis and self-hypnosis lead to an interest and study of music and humor through ventriloquism, which eventually would become perfect ways to keep hidden from others his intuition, psychic, and mediumship abilities. By age nine, he experienced a heightened sense of strangeness as he realized a keen talent to read and feel the thoughts and presence of others including those in spirit. Several years later, he came to see the future era of global spirituality, and the metaphysician within emerged. Like many other mediums, no school or training could prepare him for his future work, as his ability to communicate with those in the afterlife emerged out of his own self-guidance, and willingness to learn and understand his life’s mission better so he could best help those guided to him for spiritual help and support. Dr. Fahey graduated from Woburn High School and then moved on to studies that would show him how to help people succeed. He focused on specializing in education, counseling, and alternative health care and graduated from Cambridge College earning a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) with a major in Counseling Psychology. Later, he earned doctorates in Clinical Nutrition and Naturopathy. Dr. Fahey earned a doctorate in Education (Ph.D.) with a specialization in Business Management, Leadership, Training and Human Performance Improvement from Capella University in March 2007. After nearly three decades working in private practice as a counselor and personal and business wellness life coach in Quincy, Massachusetts, Dr. Fahey moved to the island of Maui, Hawaii, and began studies in Hawaiian spirits, naturology, natural life energies, and to openly show and tell others about his talents. Nearly a decade later, the voice of his soul told him it was time to return to New England, and then he moved to Southwest Florida, where he now lives full-time with his wife and pet dog (Papillon) Spot. 


Dr. Fahey is a nationally renowned research evidential psychic medium and clairvoyant who is also a scholar, college professor and bestselling author of books on mind, body, and spiritual healing. Dr. Fahey has performed over 15,000 personal readings.




· Professional Consultant Lic# 0504504

· Professional Spiritual Medium Lic# 0803338

· Professional Hypnotist Lic# 0906029

· Certified Hypnotist—National Guild

· Personal & Business Life Coach

· Spiritual Intuitive Keynote Speaker

· Ordained Minister (2003)

· Practitioner of Spiritual Healing & Care

· Former Online Instructor: University of Phoenix in the College of Health & Human Services - He taught nearly 70 online classes in finance, communications and multi-cultural diversity

· College Professor: ITT Technical Institute Social Psychology, Success Strategies For The Technical Professional, and Portfolio Development for Career Success & now the School’s Official Student Tutor including for all incoming nursing students.

· Masters in Education—M.Ed. Major: Counseling Psychology Cambridge College Regionally Accredited University

· Doctorate in Naturopathy—Major: Natural Sciences

   Westbrook University Non-Traditional Studies

· Doctorate in Education—Ph.D. Major: Business Management Capella University Regionally Accredited University

· Author: Rainbow Soul Mates—They Are All Around Us, The Gift—Success Through Positive Mental Energy, Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars and numerous published articles on the subject of consciousness expansion studies.


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