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Dr. Fahey is most interested in working with people who feel stuck and are ready to move ahead in their lives, with animal communication learners, and with dogs, cats, and all other living species. Dr. Fahey also works with animals who have passed on, helping you cope with grief and loss, and to find completion and peace with their passing.

Dr. Fahey only charges for his time, and works with as many animals as you need help with during the time allowed for your session.

Most sessions are conducted long distance (phone, Skype, Private Chat, or email) and will be conducted over the telephone (Dr. Fahey’s preferred method of working), or ‘solo’ (where Dr. Fahey does the psychic-healing work and sends you the results through email messages)

Your first session is generally 25-minutes, but could last up to 1-hour or longer. Depending on how many animals you want Dr. Fahey to work with and the seriousness of the issues you would like his assistance in resolving, you may want to take advantage of requesting information about his Gold or Silver Plans to save money.

If your session ever goes over time, the additional time will be prorated and charged at his regular hourly rate: ($200/per person-per 25-minutes)





· Did you know your animal is communicating with you RIGHT NOW about their health, happiness, fears, desires? Would you like to know what they are saying? Learn their secrets? Understand their pain? Embrace their wisdom?

· Are you frustrated and upset with your animals behavior or health issues? Have you tried everything but still have an unhappy, poorly behaved or sick animal?

· Would you like to experience the joy and exuberance of creating a magical heart bond with your animals?

· Are you concerned or worried not knowing if your animal is happy or not feeling so good? You think everything is okay, but . . . is it?

· Make sure that your animal’s life is happy and pain-free through animal communication.

· Without communicating directly with your animal, you cannot know why they behave they way they do or how to best resolve problems.

· As an animal communicator - pet psychic and spiritual healer, Dr. Fahey can help you create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life.





















Consulting with deceased animals:


Dr. Fahey has lived through it himself. It is very difficult to lose a person from your life, and the same is true of losing our animal friends. Many people feel like their much-loved animal friend is a true family member. Dr. Fahey respects this bond between a person, and their animal friend and how it can be a very difficult time when an animal friend passes over to the Other Side.


Our animal’s spirits do go on, and as a practicing spirit medium, it is possible for Dr. Fahey to communicate with them. A reconnection can be very important and provides an opportunity to ask questions left in your heart, and hear what they need to tell you in order for you to have closure and help you find peace about what really happened. A closure process to help you find peace and completion with what took place can bring healing, understanding, hope, and true purpose about the soul.


If you would like to schedule a session right now, please contact Dr. Fahey. He can help you communicate with those who have passed on to the Other Side and while doing so help you rebalance and find peace of mind.



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What is Your Pet

 Really Thinking?

Ever wonder about:



· Their hidden thoughts, dreams, goals?

· If they are STRESSED OUT?

· Their favorite things?

· If they like their name?

· What they think of you?

· If they know what's really going on?

· Why they behave the way they do

· How they are feeling?

· Their past lives and more?





General Pet Psychic

Phone Reading

25-minutes: $200.00

Contacting The Spirit World: Phone Reading

25-minutes: $200.00

25-minutes: $200.00


25-minutes: $200.00

Private & Personal Online Chat Psychic Reading

extensive reply

One-page (25-100 words)

One (1) Question: $45.00

Two (2) Questions: $45.00

short reply

One-page (01-50 words)

Two (2) Questions: $85.00

extensive reply

One-page (50-200 words)

Three (3) Questions: $65.00

short reply

One-page (01-100 words)

extensive reply

One-page (50-350 words)

Three (3) Questions:




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One (1) Question: $29.00

simple reply:

One-page (01-25 words)

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Pet Psychic Reading Events


Ever wonder why Fido seems to have lost interest in his food? Curious why Fifi is suddenly having accidents in the house? Perhaps you just want to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your furry companions?





Get answers to your pet-related curiosities by participating in a LIVE in person or Skype-Pet-Psychic-Reading-Party with pet psychic and clairvoyant Dr. Robert Allen Fahey! By numerous requests from a growing number of seriously interested group of people worldwide who have time, travel and mobility concerns, starting January 2010, Dr. Fahey is now offering his unique psychic communication services in a Skype-Pet-Psychic-Reading-Party format.


Each LIVE in person, or Skype-Pet-Psychic-Reading-Party will consists of four to six participants, with one participant acting as the Star Host. From the comfort of each of your homes, all will connect on a specific day, date, and time to hear what your pet, alive or deceased has to say to you. How cool is that?


We begin each animal communication event talking about what animal communication is, and end by sharing what it is like to get information from your beloved pet. We also will get to share our personal excitement, laughter and fun as only loving pet owners can and we will have a heartfelt conversation with each pet, get answers and renew relationships!


Benefits of a LIVE in person or Skype-Pet-Psychic-Reading-Party

· An opportunity to discover the reason(s) behind problem behaviors

· An opportunity to gather with like-minded friends

· Hear what your beloved animal has to tell you

· Tell your animal companion what you want them to know

· Hear what all the pets have to say


People have long put their pets up on a pedestal, showering them with toys and treats, but how much do we truly know about our pets' likes and dislikes? Are they happy with their food? Do they need to get outside more? Are they nervous about a new pet or baby coming into the house? I will answer your questions. After all, our pets have so many messages and so much to teach us.


Sign up to set a day today with Dr. Fahey and be the next Star Host of a LIVE or Skype-Pet-Psychic-Reading-Party: Contact Dr. Fahey  


Duration: Time varies based on number of participants - generally each person's reading can last up to 10-15 minutes as some pets have more to say then others Regardless, Dr. Fahey will do his best to give everyone in attendance as much personal attention as possible


Current: $95.00 per person

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION - PET PSYCHIC READING DISCLAIMERThe art and science of animal communication - pet psychic reading and the information received during sessions does not replace medical diagnosis treatment or training for your companion. Dr. Fahey is not a medical practitioner, nor a vet, and he does not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe medical conditions. Contact only your professional animal’s medical specialist for all health concerns and a qualified professional trainer for pet training behavior issues.  See Terms & Conditions