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Pet Psychic Healing and Reading Services Worldwide

Dr. Robert Allen Fahey

Fort Myers, Florida 33907


DIRECT: 239-244-1262

By Appointment Only

PRODUCERS: Dr. Fahey can quickly give psychic answers to psychic questions and tell whether spirits are present


CREDENTIALS: Dr. Robert Allen Fahey, Ph.D., author of The Gift: Success Through Positive Mental Energy, Rainbow Soulmates: They Are All Around Us, and Spirit Master, Spirit Stars, is a renowned evidential research psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant, psychology professor, keynote speaker, and personal and business intuitive life coach who specializes in connecting loved ones who have crossed over to the other side to family, relatives and friends. This service includes beloved pets. He  has done numerous radio shows and is always open to talk about new opportunities to speak. Dr. Fahey live with his wife and pet Papillion named Spot in Fort Myers, Florida.


AVAILABILITY: Florida, nationwide by arrangement, and via online, Skype and telephone; available for last minute lectures , and interviews


CONTACT: Dr. Fahey 239-244-1262 (FL); or also visit Website http://www.hellofromheaven.com